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Entered Progessions data are not being transferred across all indicators/syllabus outcomes

Attached is an extract with English Stage 1 outcomes and the associated indicators from the Progressions. My concern is that there are several of the same indicator listed across different syllabus outcomes but the data is not the same for each one.

EN1-2ACrT5uses modifying words (very)00000000000000000000000
EN1-5ACrT5uses modifying words (very)00000000000000000000000
EN1-7BCrT5uses modifying words (very)
EN1-9BCrT5uses modifying words (very)00000000000000000000000
EN1-10CCrT5uses modifying words (very)00000000000000000000000
EN1-11DCrT5uses modifying words (very)00000000000000000000000



They appear to be entered in different places as they do not have the same data. Is it possible that all the same indicators/outcomes are entered at one time?


I appreciate your time on this matter and await your reply.

Rhonda Schultz
Classroom Teacher
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