Note: When accessing this feature, we recommend using Chrome web browser for better user experience.


How to access Manage groups in ALAN Administration

  1. Log in to the ALAN homepage.
  2. Click the Administration link to open the ALAN Administration page.
  3. In ALAN Admnistration, select the Manage groups button.

Teachers with ALAN_USER role are also able to create a student group by accessing the 'Manage groups' function in PLAN2.

View existing roll classes

  1. In the 'Manage groups' screen, use the Search function to search and view existing student groups.

  2. You can search for an existing roll class by selecting Group type = Roll class in the Search filters. Click the Search button to view the search results.

  3. The search results will display a list of roll classes based on your search parameters.

  4. In the student groups list, click View to view the roll class details.

  5. A pop-up screen will display, showing the roll class Name, related Subject, and the list of Student/s that belong to this roll class.

Edit existing roll classes

  1. In the groups/roll class list, click View to view the roll class details.

  2. A pop-up screen will display, showing the roll class details.

  3. In the pop-up screen, click the Edit button to edit the roll class.

  4. You can edit this field:
  5. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Create a new roll class

  1. In the 'Manage groups' screen in ALAN Administration, click the New roll class button. The 'New roll class' pop-up screen will display.

  2. In the 'New roll class' pop-up screen, enter the roll class name and click Save button to save your new roll class.

    NOTE: To add students to this roll class, save your roll class then update a student's roll class in the Manage students screen.

  3. You will see your newly created roll class in the groups/roll class list.

Further information

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For general solutions and troubleshooting you can visit our help pages at the ALAN help desk