Large print and braille versions of the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment materials are available. A request form for these materials can be found on the Assessment administration guide.

Please return all materials to:

State Braille and Large Print Unit

Locked Bag 3

Ryde, NSW 2112

Braille kit content includes:


· Braille copy of “The Long Walk”

· Braille copy of 6 picture cards

· Print copy of colour codes for picture card 2A

· Plastic sheet for Dutch Kit/Austrian Kit for brailling/drawing

· Blank piece of braille paper


· 20 numeral cards with print and braille numbers

· 2 double numeral cards with print and braille numbers

· 15 red counters (covered with tactile material)

· 15 black counters

· 15 blue squares

· 3 dot pattern cards (tactile)

Large print kit - available in font sizes N18, N24, N36 and N48 (indicate font size on request form).