Students enrolled in non-census SSP

Starting Term 1 2020, teachers from non-census Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs) will be able to view and record observations for students who are currently enrolled and attending more than one school, for example:

  • student currently enrolled in Primary/Secondary/Central school (census school) and also currently enrolled in SSP (non-census); where SSP may be a hospital school, language school, distance school, behaviour, disability, or special school.

Student enrolment status must be ‘Enrolled - In Attendance’ or ‘Enrolled - Risk Assessed’.

SSP must be activated in ALAN/PLAN2 so that teachers can gain access to PLAN2, Best Start Kindergarten and Best Start Year 7. Teachers are encouraged to attend Professional Learning in PLAN2 prior to using the software. Contact the ALAN Support team to get your school activated in ALAN.

For technical issues:

  • hardware and connectivity issues should be raised with EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 
  • access issues should first be raised with your Principal, to ensure access has been granted via AMU
  • if a teacher is not assigned to a school in SALM, access will fail, contact EDConnect to resolve the issue 
  • or log a technical support request via EDConnect online form

All literacy and numeracy professional learning 

Detailed information about literacy and numeracy related professional learning currently available for teachers can be found on the curriculum website.