1. From the ALAN home page, select Best Start Kindergarten to open the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment online tool.

2. In the 'Select student' screen: Find and select a student from the list by selecting a roll class or student group from the 'Select roll class' option. Student names will be listed in alphabetical order. The student list will also display each student's completion status for BSKA literacy and BSKA numeracy.

  • Not started = light grey button with empty circle graphic
  • In progress = dark grey button with progress circle graphic
  • Complete = black button
  • Lodged = black button with padlock graphic

Note: The assessment completion status legend is displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

3. To administer the assessment:  Click the 'Assessment' button for the student and assessment (BSKA literacy or numeracy) you want to administer.

You can also administer the assessment using the Post-assessment entry screen. This is recommended for completing and lodging the assessment online after the assessment was administered using the paper version; for marking the assessment as withdrawn; or for marking multiple questions as 'not given'. Refer to the 'Post assessment entry' help page for more information and step-by-step guide.