Staff with Administration access can manage school information within ALAN. 

This will ensure the correct information appears on the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment - Parent feedback summary. 

To update school information:

  1. In ALAN homepage, select PLAN2 to open the PLAN2 application. In PLAN2,select the menu (three horizontal lines in the top right corner).
  2. Select Manage School.
  3. Enter your school's information. Note: load your school logo by selecting Choose file to upload. If you do not upload a logo, the DoE logo will appear.
  4. Select Update school details - the following message will appear if your information has been updated successfully.

Note: CSNSW and AIS schools will have fields to include their own branded headers and footers. 

See below a screenshot of the Manage School page, and an example of how the details appear on the parent feedback summary.

To upload the school logo

  1. Click Choose file to upload button
  2. Choose school logo
  3. Prompt - Update logo will appear

File information

  • Format of logo is either .jpeg, .jpg, .png
  • Size of logo should be 100px width x 50px height
  • School can use either a colour or single colour (black & white)