The Summary of student responses is available once the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment has been lodged for a student. 

NOTE:  This summary is to inform school staff only and is not a document to be distributed to parents and carers.  Please see the Parent feedback summary for further information about communication with families.

The summary of student responses :

  • reflects the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment intent of creating a positive start to school for all students 
  • provides parents/carers with clear information about literacy and numeracy skills which their child demonstrated during the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment
  • provides information based on actual items assessed

Generating and downloading the Summary of student responses PDF files:

  1. In the ALAN homepage, select  Best Start Kindergarten Assessment to open the BSKA online tool.

  2. In the BSKA online tool, go to the menu and select 'Feedback summaries'

  3. In the 'Feedback summaries' screen: Select a class/group from the 'Select roll class' dropdown list to see the list of your students.

  4. In the student list, from the 'Literacy - Summary of student responses' or 'Numeracy - Summary of student responses' column, use the checkboxes to select one, multiple or 'select all' summaries to download.

  5. Click 'Download' or 'Download zip' button to download the selected summary/summaries to your computer. If downloading multiple files, the files will be saved to your computer in a zipped folder. Open and extract the zip file to view and print the individual files.