Student enrolment information is collected in ERN. 

Once students are in attendance at school, student information will be sent to ebs:central pending the student has been placed into a status of 'Enrolled (In attendance)' or 'Applied to Enrol (Risk Assessed)'.  The missing student/s may take up to 48 hours to appear in PLAN2 (during term 1).

If your student data is in ERN & ebs:central, but not showing in Best Start or PLAN2, some possible reasons include:

  • the student has not been registered in ERN against the correct school
  • the student has not been marked as 'Enrolled (In attendance)' or 'Applied to Enrol (Risk Assessed)'
  • it has not been 48 hours (during term 1)
  • the student has not been assigned to the correct scholastic year and roll class in ebs:central.

If you have checked all of the above, and the student is still not appearing, please log a support ticket