1. In the assessment screen, the 'Lodge' button is displayed at the last question of the assessment.

  2. In the post-assessment entry screen, the 'Lodge assessment' button is displayed at the bottom of the screen (the button displays only when all the questions have been completed).

  3. Click the 'Lodge' or 'Lodge assessment' button to lodge the assessment. 
    • If there are incomplete questions, the assessment cannot be lodged. Go to the incomplete question/s to select responses and complete the question.


    • If all questions have been completed, the assessment is ready to be lodged. Click 'Lodge assessment' button in the 'Review assessment progress' to confirm the lodgement. Once assessment has been lodged, the assessment will be locked (the responses will no longer be editable).

  4. A pop-up screen will display to confirm whether the lodgement was successful. Click the 'Exit the assessment' button to close the assessment and go back to the 'Select student' screen. 

  5. After the assessment has been lodged:
    • The student's assessment completion status is changed to 'Lodged'.

    • The 'Summary of student responses' PDF file can be downloaded. The 'Summary of student responses' PDF file shows a record of the lodged assessment and the student's responses.

    • If both BSKA literacy and BSKA numeracy assessments have been lodged, the 'Parent feedback summary' PDF file can be downloaded.