In response to the feedback we have received from schools, the April 2020 PLAN2 enhancements will further support teachers in Primary and High schools to target literacy and numeracy across the curriculum. The enhancements will make it easier for teachers to manage their own student groups and to monitor the observations made by other teachers for the same students across different learning areas.

What will change?

Starting 28 April 2020:

Managing groups in PLAN2 

  • Teachers will be able to create and edit student groups within PLAN2, without having to access the ALAN Administration interface. This enhancement will support teachers in: 
    • creating high school subject classes
    • creating cross-curriculum and custom student groups for literacy and numeracy learning
    • creating their own student groups without the need to have ALAN Administrator access
    • creating cross-class and cross-grade groups for custom learning purposes
  • Users with ‘ALAN ADMIN’ role will still be able to manage roll classes and student groups via the ALAN Administration interface. 

A step-by-step guide for 'Managing groups in PLAN2’ will be published on the ALAN help desk by 27 April. 

New Class observations view 

  • Teachers will still be able to view the most recent observation entered for a student from all the classes, groups or subjects the student belongs to. This is the current Class observations functionality and will remain as the default Class observations view. In addition to this view, teachers will be able to switch to a new view which will show them their last observation for their class, group or subject as well as any other teacher's observations alongside theirs. This enhancement will support teachers in: 
    • monitoring students’ demonstrations of literacy and numeracy understandings in their own specific class, group or subject context
    • gaining a comprehensive understanding of their students’ skills by being able to see how consistently they are demonstrating them in different learning area contexts
    • collaborating with other teachers on school identified priorities in literacy and numeracy and targeting literacy and numeracy across the curriculum. 

A step-by-step guide for the new Class observations view will be published on the ALAN help desk in Term 2. 

Other PLAN2 enhancements to be released

  • Edit permissions for Areas of focus and Areas of focus templates: Starting 27 April 2020, only the creator/author of an existing Area of focus or Area of focus template will be able to edit their own areas of focus and templates.  
  • ALAN homepage re-design: The ALAN homepage will get a makeover to provide users with more information about the Assessing Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN) apps and links to professional learning. 

Scheduled maintenance period for ALAN

All ALAN applications including PLAN2 and the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment online tool will be unavailable to users from 22-23 April 2020 for a scheduled maintenance activity.