IMPORTANT NOTE : Please refresh your web browser when you access PLAN2 to see the application updates. To refresh, press CTRL and F5 keys. 

What changed?

The following updates were released to PLAN2:

  1. New feature: Areas of focus archive
    • Starting Term 1 2020 Week 1, all Areas of focus created in the previous year will be moved to the Areas of focus archive list.
      • Teachers will be able to search for and find their previous Areas of focus from the archive.
      • Teachers will be able to select an archived Area of focus and create a copy to re-use for their new class or group.
      • The archived Areas of focus will remain visible only to teachers within their respective schools.
    • All Areas of focus templates created and shared within the school will remain visible to and usable by all teachers within the school.
    • Refer to the Areas of focus archive help page for step-by-step guide on how to use this feature.

  2. New feature: Export Student indicator progress analysis in Word format
  3. Enhancement: Filter indicators by PLAN2 mapped assessments in Class observations
    • When selecting sub-element/s and progression level/s to generate your Class observations, you can filter by mapped assessment to show and select only the sub-elements and progression indicators that relate to a PLAN2 mapped assessment, e.g. Best Start Kindergarten Assessment or Best Start Year 7 assessment.
    • If an assessment filter was used, the Class observations data table will include a column 'Mapped assessment/s' to display which assessment/s is currently mapped or related to the filtered list of progression indicators.
    • Refer to the Class observations help page for more information about the assessments filter.
      You can access your existing Areas of focus in Class observations and generate Class observations for your selected Area of focus

  4. Enhancement: Viewing and recording data for students in non-census SSPs
    • Starting Term 1 2020, teachers from non-census Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs) will be able to view and record observations for students who are currently enrolled and attending the SSP. 
    • Refer to the SSPs help page for more information.

Have ideas for new features or enhancements?

Log an online query for PLAN2 and tell us about your suggestions and ideas. Your feedback will help us plan and develop new features as we continue to optimise PLAN2.

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