Note: When accessing the Areas of focus feature in PLAN2, we recommend using Chrome web browser for better user experience.

From the Areas of focus templates screen:

  1. Select the PLAN2 link on the ALAN homepage to open the PLAN2 application.
  2. From the menu (three horizontal lines in the top right corner), select ‘Areas of focus’.

  3. The ‘Areas of focus’ screen will open. Click the ‘Templates’ tab.

  4. In the ‘Templates’ tab screen
    • You can filter the list by Stage and Learning area 
    • You can sort the list by ‘Created by’ or by the date when the template was used, modified or created. 
    • You can search for a specific template by typing in a keyword in the search bar. The search will look for keywords in the template name and description, sub-element name, progression level, or syllabus outcome code. 
  5. Select a template from the list. Details of your selected template will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

  6. On the Area of focus template details, click the ‘Use to create Area of focus’ button. This will open the 'create new Area of focus' you can follow the steps for creating a new Area of focus.

  7. The syllabus outcomes and progression indicators included in your selected template will be copied to your new Area of focus. You can further customise your new Area of focus by adding or removing syllabus outcomes or progression indicators.

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