As part of our commitment to continually enhance PLAN2 and make it an invaluable tool for schools, the PLAN2 team have been working to release a new feature called Areas of focus.

Areas of focus will support teachers in maintaining a focus on their syllabus outcomes when planning for teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.

Teachers will be able to create and save a customised set of syllabus outcome(s) and progression indicators for a select group of students, for explicit teaching and to monitor students' learning in PLAN2 in an area of focus. 


Once created, Areas of focus can be re-used to generate Class observations and Student indicator progress analysis without the need to reselect indicators and/or students.

How can Areas of focus help teachers?

Teachers will be able to:

  • Select syllabus outcomes from any key learning area K-10
  • Be guided by NESA mapping of English and Mathematics outcomes to the learning progressions
  • Focus on individual progression indicators from within progression sub-element levels, rather than entire sub-elements
  • Save multiple Areas of focus for one learning area with custom groups of students and indicators to support differentiated teaching
  • Create Areas of focus templates that may be shared and used by other teachers in the school for other classes or for cross-key learning area collaboration to target cohort needs
  • Print Areas of focus summaries as Word documents to edit and use for planning and programming.

Areas of focus will be available to teachers in PLAN2 in 2019, Term 4, Week 1.

A step-by-step guide and short video will be published soon on the ALAN Help desk to support you.