IMPORTANT NOTE : Please refresh your web browser when you access PLAN2 to see the application updates. To refresh, press CTRL and F5 keys.

What changed?

On 17 July, the following updates were released to PLAN2:

  1. New analysis: Student indicator progress
    The Student indicator progress analysis provides a graph of the changes to the status of selected progression indicators for a student between two points in time. It allows teachers to view the entire history of updates and comments for selected indicators within the same analysis. For a step-by-step guide on how to use Student indicator progress analysis, visit our help page.

    screenshot of student indicator progress graph
  2. Changes to the way an observation is saved – recording the roll class or student group where the observation was made
    When you save your observation in Class observations, View by class or View by student, the student’s roll class or student group will also be saved together with the indicator status, comments, date and author. The new “Save update in:” and “Observed in class/group” fields will be auto-populated with the selected roll class or group before you save your observation. For more information about this new field, visit our help pages.

    screenshot of new class field
  3. Minor enhancements to the user interface
    • Search tool in the Class dropdown field in Class observations, View by class, View by student, Class outcomes by syllabus and Cohort snapshot analysis.

      screenshot of search tool
    • Ability to select or filter students in composite class by year level (in Class observations and View by class)

    • Ability to ‘select all’ or ‘deselect all’ sub-element levels in Class observations

    • Button text for the selection panel toggle button (in all modules)

    • Displaying sub-element name, heading and sub-headings in the Class observations data table

Have ideas for new features or enhancements?

Log an online query for PLAN2, select ‘Feedback/Feature request’ from the drop down menu, and tell us about your suggestions and ideas. Your feedback will help us plan and develop new features as we continue to optimise PLAN2.

Professional learning

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