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The Student indicator progress analysis provides a graph of the changes to the status of selected progression indicators for a student between two points in time. The graph displays visually the week, term and year in which an indicator status was updated and the duration of each status before it was updated to a new status. It allows teachers to view the entire history of updates and comments for selected indicators within the same analysis.

This analysis supports professional reflections on individual student learning and the identification of specific skill-level areas for individualised targeted teaching.

How to access Student indicator progress:

  1. Select the PLAN2 link on the ALAN homepage to open the PLAN2 application.
  2. In PLAN2 menu (three horizontal lines in the top right corner), select ‘Analysis’.
  3. In the ‘Analysis’ page, select the ‘Student indicator progress’ tile.

How to generate Student indicator progress analysis for your Area of focus:

Please refer to this step-by-step guide for Areas of focus

How to generate the Student indicator progress analysis:

In the selection panel (left side of the ‘Student indicator progress’ screen), follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Select student
    1. Select Year level from the dropdown list.
    2. Select Class from the dropdown list.
    3. Select Student from the dropdown list.

  2. Step 2: Select analysis date range
    1. Select ‘From’ date. Select a Term and Week from the dropdown list.
    2. Select ‘To’ date. Select a Term and Week from the dropdown list.

      Note: The terms and weeks are based on the NSW School Calendar (Eastern and Western).

  3. Step 3: Select learning progression sub-element levels 
    1. Select domain/s from the dropdown list. Both the Literacy and Numeracy domains may be selected together.
    2. From the list of sub-elements, select the indicator level/s.

  4. Click ‘Generate analysis’ button to display the graph.

How to view the Student indicator progress analysis

  • The Student indicator progress analysis screen displays the name, class and date range selected for the analysis. To edit your selection, return to the selection panel by clicking the ‘Show selection panel’ button.

    screenshot of selection panel toggle button
  • The graph rows display the progression indicators that belong to the selected sub-element levels and their respective indicator statuses within the selected date range. Scroll down and up the rows to view all selected indicators.

    screenshot of indicator progress graph
  • The indicator statuses are plotted against the terms and weeks in the graph columns. Scroll right and left to view the status changes over time. You may elect to use zoom features on your screen to maximise screen viewing.

    screenshot of calendar in graph
  • Click the ‘View history’ button to view all the indicator statuses recorded for the student in all their classes or groups, and from all time (within and outside the selected date range).

    screenshot of history
  • To view indicator statuses triggered by assessments, e.g. Best Start Kindergarten Assessment, click the ‘View status from assessment/s’ dropdown and select the assessment/s. The table will display the status given to relevant indicators by the selected assessment/s in the ‘Assessment’ column.

    screenshot of assessment status
  • To filter by indicator status e.g. not assessed, not observed, select the dropdown arrow beside ‘Filter by indicator status’ and select or de-select the indicator statuses to be included. The filter applies to the status which the indicator has at the end of the selected date range.

    screenshot of status filter
  • The analysis can be exported and downloaded to a Word file. Select 'Export as Word' to export the Student indicator progress graph for your selected date range.

    Please note: The Word export can only display data for up to 5 terms of your selected date range.

  • The analysis can be exported and downloaded to an Excel file. Select ‘Export as Excel’ to export the entire history of the updates to the selected indicators, including every comment recorded against the indicators and their authors.

    screenshot of Excel export file

Further information

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