IMPORTANT NOTE :  Please refresh your web browser when you access PLAN2 to see the application updates.  To refresh, press CTRL and F5 keys.

What changed?

On 17 April, the following updates were released to PLAN2:

  1. Changes to the Excel reports. The Excel reports that can be downloaded from Class observations, Class outcomes by syllabus and Cohort snapshot analysis have been modified. These modifications include:
    • Change in filename and worksheet header: The new text for the filename and worksheet header provides more detail about the type of report generated, including which roll class/group and progression sub-elements were selected.
    • Excel filters have been applied on sub-element/level and indicators columns to assist users in viewing and analysing data.
    • A legend has been added to the bottom of the worksheet to provide the definition of the values and colours indicated in the data table.
  2. Changes to the ‘Manage school’ function. The following fields in the ‘Manage school’ form have been disabled (non-editable), to prevent accidental data overwrite:
    • School name
    • Address fields: Number and street, Street line 2, Suburb and Postcode

Have ideas for new features or enhancements?

Log an online query with ‘PLAN2 FEATURE’ in the subject title, and tell us about your suggestions and ideas. Your feedback will help us plan and develop new features as we continue to optimise PLAN2.

Professional learning

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