To add ALAN as a tile on your portal:


  1. Log in to the DoE portal

  2. Select 'My applications'

  3. Find the ALAN application

  4. Select 'Add to my essentials'

  5. Select 'Home'

The following tile will appear on your portal


Corporate or Regional staff do not have access to this tile application.  An ALAN tile may be created using the ‘Add new essential’ option. 

In some instances, teachers do not have access to the ALAN tile and can create a link to a tile using the ‘Add new essential’ option.  These instructions are found below.

To add ALAN as a tile on your Essentials portal :

1.    Log in to the DoE portal

2.    Select 'Add new essential' (found at the end of My essentials tiles)

3.    Click on the ‘plus sign‘ (at end of row)  

4.    'New essential' prompt appears –

5.    Name :  ALAN/PLAN2 

6.    URL:

7.    Description:  your personal preference

8.    Icon:  your personal preference

9.    Select:   ‘Add essential’