The Cohort snapshot shows a snapshot of your cohort in a selected sub-element in either the literacy or numeracy domain. All levels and indicators of a sub-element are presented in either a table or chart on screen with a breakdown of the number (and percentage) of students working at each indicator status, i.e. not assessed, not observed, sometimes and always.

To access Cohort snapshot:

  1. Select the PLAN2 link on the ALAN homepage to open the PLAN2 application.
  2. From the PLAN2 menu (three horizontal lines in the top right corner) select 'Analysis'.
  3. Select Cohort snapshot. 

Filtering options

  1. Select Year.
  2. Select Class. Select a roll class or select all students in the scholastic year (note: for composite classes, only the students in the selected year will be included in the report).
  3. Select the desired sub-element from either Literacy or Numeracy. Note: only one sub-element can be selected. 

  4. To select a different sub-element you need to unselect your previous choice and then select a new sub-element.
  5. Click outside the dropdown list to close it.
  6. Click the Generate analysis button.
  7. The Cohort snapshot will display.

Features of Cohort snapshot

  • Use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to scroll down and up the table rows.
  • The arrow on the left of the screen shows and hides the filter panel. You can change your selection in the filter panel.
  • Click the ‘Export as Excel’ button to export the Cohort snapshot to an Excel file.
  • View as a chart.
  • Click the ‘Back to analysis dashboard’ to go back to the Analysis page.

Chart display

  • The chart is a summary for the cohort and selected sub-element. 
  • A ‘Download as PDF’ option is available so you can print the Cohort snapshot as PDF.
  • Note: For composite classes, only students in the selected year will be included in the Cohort snapshot.

Please press on the Cohort Snapshot tutorial link below: