For Kindergarten students

  1. Complete the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment.
  2. Provide feedback to parents consistent with usual school practice. The Best Start Kindergarten Report in PLAN2 can be used to support the feedback process.

  3. You should now see student data in PLAN2 based on Best Start results. Indicators will be marked as 'sometimes observed', as behaviours have only been observed once (in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment).
  4. Update PLAN2 data based on teacher decisions about student learning. You may choose to change the status of a certain learning progression indicator to 'always observed' if you are confident a student has mastered a particular skill or behaviour. 

For Year 1 and 2 students

Update PLAN2 based on teacher decisions about student learning. 

Which parts of the learning progressions should I focus on?

For the purposes of the K-2 Action Plan evaluation, all Action Plan and supplementary schools should focus on the following learning progression elements and sub-elements:

Literacy K-2

  • Understanding texts
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonic knowledge and word recognition
  • Creating texts 
    - crafting ideas
    - text forms and features 
    - vocabulary

Numeracy K-2

  • Quantifying numbers
  • Additive strategies
  • Number sense and algebraic thinking 

Information on: