Suggestions being considered for the future are:

  • the ability to generate reports on demand across year levels and assessments
  • integration with Best Start Year 7 and other assessmentsthe results of which will be automatically pushed to the platform
  • selecting indicators for update based on syllabus outcome
  • summary/status page by syllabus
  • review student history of achievement against indicators
  • zoom in and out of class/students achievement periods.
  • share PLAN2 data with Scout to support reporting
  • export PDFs of a completed assessment including answers and comments (this may later include audio visual content)
  • view work samples against learning progression indicators or levels
  • upload and store a student’s work samples
  • allow teachers to include an image in the parent feedback report e.g. a sample of the student’s work
  • inclusion of no attempt assessments in PLAN2 and why (this is collected in the quick entry of revised Best Start).

Do you have an idea for a new feature?

Let us know which new features could support teaching, learning, planning and reporting, and how. Lodge a support ticket with PLAN2 FEATURE in the subject title, and these features will be considered for inclusion in the 2018-2019 work plan. The development of the additional features will depend on technical complexity and priority of work.