The ALAN tools, including PLAN2 and online assessments, are managed by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) for the NSW Department of Education. You have been granted access as an Approved User of these tools. Your use of the website and associated assessments linked from this site is deemed to be your acceptance of the Terms of Use as outlined below.

ALAN Terms of Use 

Data Privacy

In accessing and entering data in ALAN, including PLAN2 and online assessments, you are bound by NSW privacy laws. Requirements governing the use and disclosure of personal information apply to all personal information held by the Department. Your use of the system is monitored by the Department.

As a user of ALAN, including PLAN2 and online assessments, you are responsible for: 

  • Ensuring that confidential information, in any form, cannot be accessed by unauthorised people
  • Exercising caution and sound judgement in discussing personal information with others. Information should be limited to those who require the information to conduct their duties, or to those who can assist in carrying out work because of their expertise.

Please note that data in ALAN, including PLAN2 and online assessments, is personal information about students which must be kept confidential. Unauthorised disclosure may cause harm, or give an individual or agency an improper advantage. The department’s integrity and credibility may be damaged if it does not keep information secure.

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