The Access Management Utility (AMU) enables principals or delegates to manage staff access to the Assessing Literacy and Numeracy (ALAN) application including ALAN assessments and PLAN2 .

1.    Log on to the DoE portal, the Principal will select the AMU tile.

2.    Select your school from the drop-down option.

3.    Select AMU-Access Management Utility.


4.    Select Next 

5.    Find ALAN Authoriser column and tick the box against the Principal or delegate name.

6.    Once box has been ticked, select Home on the left hand side of the page.

Assigning ALAN Authoriser -

7.    Select  ALAN - Assessing Literacy and Numeracy then select Next.

8.    Staff members allocated to your school will be displayed.  Select the staff member/s by ticking the appropriate columns for ALAN access.  See below for level indicators.

ALAN Access Levels –

The following access rules were a legacy from the previous PLAN program.  Definitions of access are as below.  (Note these access levels are the same in some instances and will be amended at a later date)

Levels include:


ALAN_USER - allows teacher access to Best Start Assessment and PLAN2 tiles.  It also allows export of the BSKA parent feedback summary and other PLAN2 analysis outcomes or snapshots. 

ALAN_ADMIN - allows teacher access to Best Start Assessment and PLAN2 tiles.  It also allows creation of groups of students outside of the roll class lists.  

Note:  DoE schools will have their roll class lists automatically uploaded.

ALAN_SUPERVISOR -  (Same as _User)

ALAN_REPORTS - (Same as _User)

Note: CSNSW and AIS users will need access to the Administration tile to upload their classes. 

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